A good paint job that is going to last starts with the prep job. Edwards Remodel Contracting will soak your house in a bleach solution and pressure wash it clean. Any loose material will be refastened; damaged siding and trim will be replaced; loose paint is removed and areas are sanded smooth; raw wood is primed with a oil base primer; siding and trim is caulked and puttied; two coats of top grade paints are applied.

A remodel of any kind is going to have a certain amount of painting to be done. This is the finish work.  It is what people see and needs to look great. Even color and straight lines are what you can expect from Edwards Remodel Contracting. Thank you for considering our company for your next remodel project.

Edwards Remodel Contracting started as a painting business in Austin and evolved into bathroom renovations and additions. We still do our own finish painting and would be happy to look at any painting job you may have.